Ashley Cason, a.k.a. Clair Coretta death, Macon, GA teacher passed away after illness

Clair Coretta, a.k.a. Ashley Cason, passed away. (Source: Facebook)
Clair Coretta, a.k.a. Ashley Cason, passed away. (Source: Facebook)


The Georgia community has lost a brilliant artist and educator with the passing of Ashley Cason, also known as Clair Coretta.

Clair Coretta, a well-known performer, actor, and teacher at Appling Middle School in Macon, Georgia, was a charismatic individual who touched many people’s lives via her work in teaching and music.

We pay respect to this inspirational woman who made a big impact on Georgia’s culture and arts sector with a heavy heart. Continue reading to learn more.

Clair Coretta passed away

Clair Coretta, also known as Ashley Cason, a teacher, singer, and actress from Macon, Georgia, passed away on September 6, 2023.

Ronald Parker, the founder and owner of Soul Good Productions, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook.

He wrote,

It saddens me to acknowledge that Ashley Cason Clair Coretta one of the most Talented young Actress/Singers I have ever worked with has transition from labor to rewards. She was a little sister to me and she was a SOULGOOD PRODUCTIONS Family Member where she performed as an actress and recording Artist on our 1st Christmas Song. She will be missed and our Prayers and Condolences go out to the Family and Friends.

Many people were influenced by Clair Coretta during her lifetime as a performer and teacher, and her legacy will do so for many years to come. She made a lasting impact on Georgia’s entertainment scene with her acting, teaching, and music, and she will be dearly missed.

Clair Coretta cause of death

Clair Coretta died of an illness on September 6, 2023. But the cause of death has not been made public by her family. Clair Coretta’s friends, family, coworkers, pupils, and admirers are heartbroken by the news, but they find solace in the knowledge that her amazing career and contributions to the profession will continue.

Many people were shocked to learn of her demise, but her uplifting energy and devotion to her work will never be forgotten. Future generations of artists and educators will be greatly influenced by Clair Coretta’s legacy.

Tributes pour in for Clair Coretta

Stephanie Hutson wrote: “They say the good die young but MY GOD!!!!! Why did it have to be you Ashlei?!?!?!This is unreal!!!!! I’m gonna miss you lil sis. Every joke, laugh, word of encouragement, exchange of “I love you”, every song that we harmonized to, and especially hitting the stage together. Never thought it would be you. This one hurts BAD!!!!!Rest Well Clair Coretta. I love you ALWAYS 🕊️😭😇

Nichelle Diamond wrote: “Talk about someone who ALWAYS had a positive outlook on life.… Clair Coretta and I met at Wesleyan and I could immediately tell that she would make a difference in the world… she was an Amazing teacher and an even better friend! I hate that I’m having to write this because she was so young.… but God makes no mistakes. You are and will always be sorely missed. Tell Alex I said Hi and enjoy being back with your mommy❤️❤️ rest well.”

Walker Walker wrote: “To know her is to love her, Ashley you are so loved and hold hold a special place in so many hearts, this one hurts. We know God has you at peace, your memories will always be in our hearts….Clair Coretta my Soror 💗💚💗💚 you will be missed but never ever forgotten….We love you dearly…..FVSU WILDCAT💙💛💙💛 May you rest in peace🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

We extend our deepest condolences to the late Clair Coretta’s family, friends, and all of her loved ones. Her entire family is in great agony as a result of her passing, and we pray to the Almighty to provide them all the courage to get through this difficult moment.

We also hope that you received all the information you required regarding Clair Coretta’s demise from this post. Keep visiting our website if you wish to read such educational articles on a regular basis about issues from around the world.


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