Amanda Clearwater & Myah Gratton including 5 found dead in Carman, MB, suspect in custody

 Amanda Clearwater & Myah Gratton

Tragic Events Unfold in Southern Manitoba: In a heart-wrenching and tragic event, Amanda Clearwater and Myah Gratton, along with three others, were found dead in Carman, MB. The authorities have a suspect in custody, and a comprehensive investigation is underway into the connected incidents south of Carman, Manitoba. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have confirmed the link between these distressing occurrences, adding to the profound sorrow that the community is enduring. This article explores the details surrounding the suspect and the entire incident.  

CAUTION: The upcoming narrative includes information that may be unsettling for certain individuals.

Key Points of the Tragic Incident in Southern Manitoba:

Discovery of Woman’s Body:

  • Carman RCMP responded to a hit-and-run report on Highway 3 at 7:30 a.m.
  • Discovered a woman’s body in a ditch near the highway.

Fatal Car Fire:

  • Headingley RCMP responded to a car fire on Highway 248 at 10 a.m.
  • Witness pulled three children from the burning vehicle before the RCMP’s arrival.
  • All three children were declared dead at the scene.

Arrest of Suspect:

  • Officers arrested a man at the location of the car fire; no issues during the arrest.

Residence Investigation:

  • Investigation led officers to a residence in Carman, where another woman’s body was found.

Police Units Involved:

  • RCMP major crimes services, forensic identification services, and officers from Stonewall, Headingley, and Carman detachments are actively investigating.

Amanda Clearwater & Myah Gratton including 5 found dead 

The Manitoba RCMP is currently probing five suspicious deaths across three locations in southern Manitoba, involving three children and two women.

The investigation was initiated at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Sunday following a report of a hit-and-run on Highway 3 near Carman, Man. Upon arrival, officers discovered a woman’s body in a nearby ditch, pronounced dead at the scene.

Around 10 a.m., RCMP received another call reporting a car on fire on Highway 248 in the R.M. of Cartier, Man. Simultaneously, a witness rescued three young children from the burning vehicle, all declared deceased on-site.

Community Shock and Condolences:

The Carman community, where the events occurred, is grappling with shock and disbelief.

Carman Mayor Brent Owen expressed the community’s sentiment, calling the situation “absolutely horrific” and “mind-numbing.”

Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew expressed,

“Sending comfort and strength to the families and community of Carman during this challenging time of loss,” Kinew said on X, the platform formally known as Twitter. “Our deepest sympathies go out to all those affected by this tragedy.”

Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham shared,

“Having grown up in Carman, and with many connections still in the area, I’m shocked and saddened by today’s news.” he said on X. “My sincere condolences to the community and the families impacted by this tragedy.”

Who is the suspect?

A 29-year-old man has been taken into custody. No charges have been laid yet, Insp. Tim Arseneault of RCMP major crime services said at a news conference at Winnipeg RCMP headquarters Sunday afternoon.

Tim Arseneault of RCMP said,

“As a parent, I simply can’t imagine the enormity of your loss,” Arseneault said. “The community of Carman and surrounding areas will also be grieving as they have lost some of their youngest residents in such a tragic way.”

The suspect was apprehended at the scene of the car fire. Further investigation led officers to a residence in Carman, where the body of another woman was found.

All victims and the suspect were known to each other, and authorities emphasized there was no risk to the public. While no charges have been laid, all five deaths are deemed suspicious.

Specific details, including the suspect’s name and additional information, have not been disclosed in the provided details. We will promptly update this article with such details once they are officially released by the authorities.

The RCMP extends condolences to the affected families and friends, with Insp. Tim Arseneault expresses deep sympathy for their immeasurable loss. The police continue their investigation into these linked incidents.

About the victims:

On February 11, 2024, tragedy struck in the early morning, claiming the lives of five family members in a heartbreaking incident. The victims, identified as Amanda, Jayven, Bethany, Isabella Clearwater, and Myah Gratton, faced an untimely demise that left their community reeling in sorrow. The devastating incident has prompted the establishment of a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral costs and provide support for the myriad challenges that accompany such a profound loss.

Amanda, Jayven, Bethany, Isabella, and Myah were more than names; they were beloved individuals whose lives were tragically cut short. The outpouring of support on the GoFundMe platform signifies the deep impact of the incident, illustrating how communities can come together to provide practical help and emotional comfort during times of immense grief. The victims’ identities are now forever intertwined with the heartfelt efforts to honor their memory and ease the burden on those left behind.


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