Adriana Macc, a woman killed after being shot and ran over in Fresno, CA

Adriana Macc was killed after being shot and then run over in southwest Fresno. (Source: Facebook)
Adriana Macc was killed after being shot and then run over in southwest Fresno. (Source: Facebook)


Adriana Macc, hailing from Baghdad, Iraq, met a tragic end on a Saturday morning in southwest Fresno. The sorrowful incident transpired when she was shot and then run over amid a heated dispute.

Currently, authorities are actively investigating the details of the altercation and the circumstances preceding this heartbreaking event. Keep reading to know more about the devastating incident in detail.

Tragic Shooting at Wayne’s Liquor

Shortly past 11:30 a.m., law enforcement was alerted to an emergency call reporting a shooting outside Wayne’s Liquor on California Avenue, near Fresno Street.

Swiftly arriving at the scene, officers found a woman identified as Adriana Macc lying on the ground in the parking lot, having suffered a gunshot wound to her upper body. Responding urgently to the critical situation, the officers took immediate action to provide life-saving measures until paramedics arrived for her transfer to the hospital.

Unfortunately, despite the concerted efforts to save her life, Adriana Macc tragically succumbed to her injuries shortly after her arrival at the hospital.

This incident has prompted a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Authorities are diligently working to piece together the events leading up to this unfortunate occurrence.

Police Investigation

The tragic sequence of events began when Adriana Macc left her vehicle and confronted a passenger in another car. The situation quickly escalated into a heated confrontation, eventually turning physical.

Shockingly, at this point, an individual from the other vehicle reportedly revealed a firearm and shot her. Disturbingly, as the suspects made their escape in an eastbound direction on California Avenue, they heartlessly ran over Adriana Macc with their vehicle.

Law enforcement is actively involved in the investigation, diligently canvassing the neighborhood, conducting interviews with eyewitnesses, and carefully examining surveillance footage for any relevant details.

Public Help Needed

Despite these ongoing efforts, little information is currently available about the suspects. Detectives suggest that the perpetrators may have been in a dark-colored vehicle, leaving the community eager for updates as authorities work to unravel the circumstances behind this tragic and senseless act of violence.

If anyone possesses information related to this case, authorities urge them to promptly reach out to the Fresno Police Department through the non-emergency dispatch line at 559-621-7000. Your cooperation is crucial in aiding the ongoing investigation and ensuring that justice is served in this tragic incident involving Adriana Macc.


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