Adi Whiting death, ‘The carps’ pub manager dies after brutal attack in Boston

Adi whiting

TRAGIC INCIDENT: In an unfortunate incident that unfolded on a Sunday night in Boston, Adi Whiting, a beloved member of the community, became the victim of a brutal attack that resulted in severe brain trauma.

This distressing event occurred on Witham St and has left the community in shock and sorrow. Adi, known for his vibrant spirit, was subjected to unimaginable harm, leading to critical injuries.

The news of Adi’s passing has deeply affected the community, leaving friends, family, and well-wishers in mourning. Here’s what we know everything about the incident and Adi Whiting’s passing.

Adi Whiting passed away after a Brutal Attack”

Adi Whiting, a well-known bar manager, was attacked in Boston, resulting in severe injuries. Adi fell victim to a brutal assault outside our establishment on Sunday night, sustaining significant brain trauma from being struck on the head with a baseball bat.

As of January 20th, his life remains in jeopardy. The swelling on his brain is too severe for testing, causing doctors to worry about the lack of progress, though it is still too early to confirm. Despite efforts for recovery, Adi Whiting passed away, adding to the sadness of the situation.

Details Surrounding Adi Whiting’s Situation:

Adi Whiting, a pub manager, is facing a life-threatening situation after a vicious assault in Boston, where reports suggest he was struck across the head with a metal baseball bat. Adi, in his 30s and managing The Carpenters Arms (The Carps), was taken to the hospital after police responded to a fight outside the establishment on Witham Street just before 11 pm on Sunday, January 14, 2024.

The GoFundMe page established to assist Adi reveals that he suffered extensive brain trauma, allegedly from being beaten with a baseball bat. The incident occurred on Witham Street around 11 pm on Sunday, January 14, prompting a response from Lincolnshire Police.

The victim, Mr. Whiting, in his 30s, sustained serious injuries, leading to the arrest of a 33-year-old man on suspicion of inflicting grievous bodily harm. Subsequently, Adi Whiting was placed in an induced coma, and according to a relative’s social media post, the swelling on his brain remains too severe for tests. While doctors express concerns, it is still too early to determine the full extent of his injuries.

“This is “The Carps” fundraising for our amazing Bar Manager Adi Whiting. Adi was the victim of a brutal attack outside our premises on Sunday night. We are trying to raise as much money as possible to support Adi, Sarah, and Sylvester through the next few months. Any monies you can donate will have a huge impact on their quality of life going forward. We thank you in advance for your love and support”

Family and Support: 

Adi, who has a fiancée, Sarah, and an 11-month-old son, Sylvester, is receiving treatment at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. Described as a young couple with limited financial resources, the family has received significant community support, with over £13,000 raised to assist them during this challenging time.

Gratitude and Call for Donations: The Carpenters Arms, affectionately known as The Carps, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming love and support, acknowledging the life-altering impact on the beautiful family. The call for donations aims to help the family navigate the difficult months ahead.

Remembering Adi Whiting: Tributes to a Kind Soul

  • Stephen Middleton:
    • “R.I.P Adi Spitfire Whiting. Can’t believe this has happened. You wouldn’t hurt anyone, and this tragedy happens! My deepest condolences to your family. Will raise a JD and coke for you later, my friend. xx 💔”
  • Josh Wain:
    • “Adi Spitfire Whiting, what do I even say? You are a genuine man, and I hold a lot of respect for you. Sending all my love to your family, Adi, and especially your little boy. Rest easy, brother. 🙏🏽”
  • Chris Bid Griggs:
    • “RIP buddy. I can’t believe this was the last time we were ever gonna have a drink. It was such a pleasure to have known you. Rest easy, my guy. Adi Spitfire Whiting.”


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