Adam Tebben of Wichita, KS killed after helicopter crash in Weatherford, Ok

Pilot Russell Haslam, Flight Nurse Adam Tebben, and Medic Steven Fitzgerald died on Saturday when their helicopter crashed near Hydro, about 65 miles west of Oklahoma City. (Source: Facebook)
Pilot Russell Haslam, Flight Nurse Adam Tebben, and Medic Steven Fitzgerald died on Saturday when their helicopter crashed near Hydro, about 65 miles west of Oklahoma City. (Source: Facebook)


In a devastating turn of events, Pilot Russell Haslam, Flight Nurse Adam Tebben, and Medic Steven Fitzgerald—three integral members of a medical air transport crew—met a tragic fate last Saturday. The somber incident unfolded as their helicopter crashed near Hydro, situated approximately 65 miles west of Oklahoma City.

The incident highlights the inherent risks associated with air medical transport operations and casts a shadow on the dedicated professionals who undertake these challenging missions.

Authorities are actively investigating the crash to unravel the circumstances leading to this unfortunate event, seeking answers that may contribute to improving safety measures within the industry.

Tragic Air Ambulance Crash Claims Lives:

In a tragic incident reported by the Air Evac Lifeteam (AEL), three dedicated crew members lost their lives in a helicopter accident on Saturday night.

The unfortunate event unfolded when, at 11:23 p.m., the operations control center for Air Evac Lifeteam lost contact with the Bell 206L-3 helicopter. The aircraft was in transit back to its base in Weatherford after successfully transporting a patient to Oklahoma City, as detailed in a social media post by Air Evac Lifeteam.

Following the sudden loss of communication, nearby Air Evac Lifeteam crews collaborated with local law enforcement in a coordinated effort to locate the crash site. The challenging circumstances surrounding the search underscore the commitment of emergency response teams in the face of adversity.

Tragically, the victims have been identified as Pilot Russell Haslam, Flight Nurse Adam Tebben, and Medic Steven Fitzgerald. The crews involved in such critical missions typically consist of a pilot, a flight nurse, and a flight paramedic, as outlined on Air Evac Lifestream’s website.

Ongoing Investigation

According to Preston Cox, the Information Officer for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP), the ongoing investigation into the helicopter accident has transitioned the scene to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Currently, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is functioning solely as an assisting agency in the collaborative effort to uncover the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident. In the aftermath of the accident, any forthcoming updates or details will be disseminated exclusively by the FAA, NTSB, or the aircraft company involved.

This reflects a commitment to transparency and accuracy in reporting the findings of the investigation, as these organizations are tasked with thoroughly examining the evidence to determine the cause of the crash.

About Air Evac Lifeteam

Air Evac Lifeteam, as detailed on its website, operates an extensive network comprising over 150 helicopter air ambulance bases dispersed across 18 states. This expansive reach reflects the organization’s commitment to providing critical medical transport services to a broad geographic expanse.

The dedicated crews of Air Evac Lifeteam are on-duty daily, poised to swiftly respond to medical emergency scenes or facilitate the safe transport of patients between medical facilities. Their continuous availability underscores the urgency and essential nature of their role in the healthcare and emergency response systems.

A notable aspect of Air Evac Lifeteam’s mission is reflected in the statistic that approximately 90 percent of their patient transports originate from rural areas. This emphasizes the crucial role the organization plays in bridging the gap in medical access for individuals residing in remote or underserved regions.

The ability to swiftly transport patients from rural areas to advanced medical facilities is vital in ensuring timely and effective medical care, especially in situations where time is of the essence.

As a prominent provider of air ambulance services, Air Evac Lifeteam’s extensive infrastructure and daily operational readiness contribute significantly to the broader healthcare ecosystem, serving communities across diverse and often challenging landscapes.

Compassionate Support Amidst Tragedy

Concurrently, the owner of the aircraft and the operating company, Global Medical Response, have shifted their focus to providing support, counseling, and addressing the immediate needs of the grieving families affected by this heartbreaking event.

The emphasis on counseling underscores the recognition of the emotional toll such incidents take on those connected to the victims, and it reflects a compassionate approach to assisting them through this challenging period.

As the collaborative investigative efforts progress and support services are extended to the affected families, the broader community remains vigilant for updates from the FAA, NTSB, and the aircraft company, anticipating a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances leading to this tragic loss of lives. suggest a small title.

Community in Grief

The untimely passing of Pilot Russell Haslam, Flight Nurse Adam Tebben, and Medic Steven Fitzgerald prompts deep reflection on the inherent risks and challenges faced by those who dedicate themselves to providing essential healthcare through air ambulance services. The air ambulance community, deeply affected by this loss, collectively grieves the departure of individuals who played a crucial role in saving lives and serving their communities.


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