Abel Saenz of Caldwell stabbed to death in Nampa Alley, ID

Abel Saenz of Caldwell
Abel Saenz of Caldwell stabbed in Nampa Alley


Authorities have initiated a homicide investigation following the tragic demise of 29-year-old Abel Saenz of Caldwell. The young man sustained fatal injuries, prompting law enforcement to delve into the circumstances surrounding the incident.
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Fatal incident in Nampa Alley:

A murder investigation has been initiated following the stabbing of Abel Saenz. Police found a man dead early Wednesday morning after responding to a call in downtown Nampa Alley.

The incident happened near the 3rd Avenue North. The Nampa Police Department said it received a 911 call at 3:38 a.m. reporting a man lying in an alley on the 1200 block of 3rd Avenue North.

First responders arrived and discovered a man who had “what appeared to be stab wounds.” The victim was identified by Nampa Police as Caldwell resident Abel Saenz, 29.

Who is the suspect?

Nampa Police officers arrested the adult male who is believed to be the suspect in this murder. The arrested man has yet to be identified. The charges will be released later, according to the police.

According to police on social media, the incident on Wednesday is thought to be an isolated occurrence. Fire and emergency medical services also attended to the scene.

Investigation going on:

The authorities are diligently investigating the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident. Following the assault, which is now being treated as a murder, an extensive investigation has been initiated.

Law enforcement has conducted several inquiries, leading to the apprehension of the suspect.

The local community is in mourning as news of the tragic incident involving Abel Saenz unfolds. As the community grieves the loss of a young life, there is a growing consensus that fostering a safer environment requires collaborative efforts, not only from law enforcement but also through community engagement and education.

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